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“Johnson is one of the best pilates teachers I have ever had in 20 years of practice. Do not expect easy. He will push you to your limits and take you to your next level. Always innovative and always bringing newness to his practice – you will never be bored. Highly recommended!”

Christine Dimmick, Founder at The Good Home Company

“I always look forward to yoga class with Johnson. Each class is unique and interesting, always something new to try and experience. He is a warm and intuitive, knowing how to challenge everyone in the class, but also giving them confidence. He pays attention to each person in the class and helps them improve their skills and practice. He is friendly, knowledgeable and a confident leader. I always feel energised after each class and look forward to the next one.”

Tim Burch, Vice Principal Chatsworth International Singapore

“I’ve been Johnson’s student during two pregnancies and post pregnancy and absolutely love his style. He is one of the few yoga teachers that combines his extensive knowledge of pilates, yoga and mediation into one experience for the student. He pushes hard, but also knows when to stop and focus on my weaknesses, always assisting and observing with a keen eye. Love him!”

Mantazh Khanna, Digital Lead, E-commerce and Marketing

“Being a typical guy that loves sport, but hates stretching, i have got to the point where Yoga/Pilates is now a necessity, unless I want to end up with back problems later in life. I have often found myself going to the odd yoga class, trying to hold a static pose and feeling the “delightful” pain in parts of the body, when I apparently shouldn’t be feeling it, and ultimately I don’t really feel the benefits. One session with Johnson though, doing “dynamic stretching” and the feeling is completely different. It really focused on the intended muscles (hamstrings in my case) and not only did he set everything up to facilitate a great one hour lesson, he also gave me really simple things I can do throughout the week when sat in the office or watching TV at home. This is great for me as, like most people, I don’t often have a full hour that I can dedicate to stretching….Fully recommended and great guy!

Jonathan Stratton, Sales Executive in Oil and Gas

“I have had the opportunity to take Johnson’s yoga and Pilates classes as well as attending yoga and meditation retreats to Goa, India; Rawa, Malaysia; Bali, Indonesia; Chiang Mai, Thailand and am looking forward to Bhutan in 2018.  I have found that by starting his classes with an intention it is a great way to transition my mindset into having the most focused and productive class that day. Plus, there are loads of variety with no two classes being identically the same, so it never gets boring. He really is great at tailoring to individual requirements, and gives plenty of mindful verbal and physical corrections.  Especially, for me since I can barely touch my toes and have some issues in my shoulders and spine, I have felt a lot of relief from taking his classes. I highly recommend one on one sessions with him! The pilates classes I take are on reformer machines and really help me focus on the details of how to move in proper alignment, especially when connecting to my core. I found that the subtlety and precision of pilates a fantastic complement to the stretchiness of the yoga classes.  And I can’t express enough of my gratitude for being able to attend the retreats. They have been so beneficial in me developing a consistent practice since it’s so difficult to fit it in sometimes with work life and all. The retreats I have been on were a good mix of holiday, relaxation, and lots of de-stressing with lots of yoga practice! It is a unique experience truly.

Andrew Ballentine, Finance Performance Consultant

“I have been lucky enough to join two of Johnson’s retreats in Koh Samui and Bali.  I regularly join his yoga, meditation and pilates classes.  Johnson is an amazing, intuitive teacher who is fabulous at tailoring his teaching to suit the individual and to really help them on their physical and spiritual journey, whatever that may be.  He is the best yoga and pilates teacher I’ve ever experienced and he brings so much soul, compassion and connection to the practices. Not to mention, he is great company and it’s an absolute pleasure to spend time with him.”

Amanda Thorpe, Organizational Change, Coaching and Communications Professional

“I’m glad to be part of Johnson’ s retreats to Koh Samui, Batam, Bali and now Chiangmai. Each one has a unique theme and purpose. Absolutely enjoying every one of them.”

Mabel Ng, Corporate Tax Manager

“Although I was a little hesitant to take a session at first, Johnson’s Ajna Light Meditation Therapy was very relaxing. Rather than shutting yourself off, the therapy fully activates your senses. I experienced stunning light and color effects and all along the sound and music was comforting. As such, it was a very unique combination of having a focused and conscious mind while at the same surrendering to the ‘Mystery into the unknown’. If you are open to experience something new, be it for inner guidance or creative inspiration, I would definitely recommend to give this meditation therapy a try!”

Nicole Lodder, Shipping Procurement Analyst

“My first Ajna Meditation session was so effective. I felt so light, happy and relaxed right after. Thank you Johnson for briefing me well. I highly recommend Sagehouse! Try Ajna Meditation!”

Nova Lontok, International Financial Services

“Johnson is an excellent Anja meditation teacher, his calming presence and knowledge of the practice really enhances the experience. Thank you so much for everything Johnson, I look forward to keep in touch.”

Sophia Hatchitt, Hospitality Account Manager

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