We are the Sages of Eliminating Stress and Fatigue

We empower working professionals and executives to eliminate stress and fatigue through yoga, pilates and meditation.  Stress can occur in the form of physical injury, a lack of mental focus or emotional 

disturbances Chronic stress will trigger an onslaught of hormones that have devastating effects on physical and psychological health.  Harvard Medical School’s researchers reported that chronic stress contributes to high blood pressure, promotes the formation of artery-clogging deposits, and causes brain changes that may contribute to anxiety, depression, and addiction. (Understanding the Stress Response, Harvard Medical School).

Our SAGES Formula is simple and effectively has shown an improvement of reducing stress levels in our clients.

 SAGES Formula (Strength, Agility, Grounding, Expansion and Shine)

Strength – Not only are we talking about physical prowess through the learning yoga and pilates.  But with regular and consistent practice, improving your physical strength not only increases your stamina and your energy, it also strengthens your resolve to adapt to the constant changes in your environment that create stress.

Agility – Lack of circulation in the physical body means lack of circulation into the brain.  Yoga, Pilates and Meditation teach us how to be physically, mentally and emotionally agile in daily life situations.  We fix postural problems, soothe chronic pain from musculo-skeletal issues and change the way you perceive your stress triggers through meditation. So you can move through life with the agility of a jaguar.

Grounding – Yogic breathing techniques, visualization and meditation have been scientifically studied to fight insomnia, fatigue and depression.  Sometimes when the wheels keep on turning and we can’t stop our mind from juggling the plethora of issues from our work and personal life, we lose out on sleep and cannot function.  Instead, through meditative practices and light therapy, we re-pattern the brain to its natural and relaxed state.

Expand – It’s old news to take up new activities to keep the brain fit and healthy.  But there are very few activities that integrate the connection of the mind and the body into a cohesive system of expanding our consciousness.  Why do we want an expanded consciousness?  For more focus, concentration, increased energy and better relationships with others and ourselves.

Shine – Many people find it difficult to integrate what makes them fulfilled with what they think they have to do in order to survive.  In exploring the mind and body connection through yoga, pilates and meditation, we in fact, increase our creativity, our ability to be open and receive new perspectives on living.  At the end of the day, the reason for getting healthier and living longer is so that we can continue doing the things we love to do, and serving the communities we love to help.

Sage Yoga

is the most effective way to staying physically fit while leaving all your stresses at the door.  Our system of yoga is designed to increase your energy levels while putting the brakes on stress.  With regular practice, you will become stronger, leaner, more flexible and stress-free.

Sage Pilates

exercises on the equipment entrain a stronger connection to your core; thereby reducing and eliminating lower back pain.  It also re-corrects posture, while toning and stretching all the muscles at the same time.  Through breath-centered awareness of the core and diaphragm, it is the most efficient way to rehabilitate a chronic injury or condition your entire body from head to toe.

Sage Meditation

is an integration of yogic breathing techniques, visualization techniques and brainwave entrainment technology (Ajna Light Therapy).  By literally changing the frequencies of our brain from hectic beta waves to more relaxed states of alpha or theta, the entire body has the opportunity to rest and digest, heal and restore.