A.N.Y.A (A.pplied N.eo Y.ogic A.wareness) Bodywork

As a modern and integrative model founded and developed by Courtney Bauer in New York, the A.N.Y.A Healing method thorugh hands on therapy is a safe and effective way of alleviating the physical body of chronic aches and pains, as well as stimulating the energetic system through a series of facilitated stretches and movements inspired by Thai Yoga Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Reiki.  A.N.Y.A is wonderful complementary treatment for a great range of people – from those who are dealing with chronic pain due to scoliosis, arthritis, and general tightness and immobility. ~ 60 or 90 min



Reiki is a Japanese word that connects to Universal Life Force Energy.  Essentially, it is connecting to the abundance of energy that creates all living things in this galaxy, and beyond.  The practitioner tunes into the Reiki field and becomes a channel for a beautiful flow of Reiki energy to come into the recipient’s physical, energetic, emotional and even psychic bodies.  The Reiki energy then equalizes the nervous system by re-allocating energy to areas that are deficient, and diluting any excessive amounts of energy that stay too long in one place.  Every Reiki experience is different, and can often be felt as a warm energetic sensation radiating throughout the physical body.  Most often, recipients feel a great sense of relief especially at sites of physical pain.  Based off of the holistic vantage point that everything is interconnected, all physical pain has some root or influence on the other unseen bodies, such as our energy field and the mental body.  Even deep emotional scars from past traumas from this life time or life times of different incarnations can affect our physical container today.  If you are sensitive to stimulus around you, and anxiety and a sense of nervousness pervades you in your day to day, Reiki can help reduce stress levels, while restoring more energy into your whole being. ~ 60 or 90 min


Rolfing & Structural Integration

Structural Integration (Rolfing) is one of the two original forms of myofascial treatment. If the body is misaligned, we would normally compensate the efficiency in how we execute daily functional movements. These compensations would result in a dysfunctional movement patterns and over time, turn into recurring pains. In Rolfing, we address the problem in the connective tissue in conjunction with re-educating the body through movement. Good form creates effective movement and maintains functions of the body.  This type of bodywork is suitable for anyone with chronic aches or pains and especially beneficial for those suffering from lower back, neck, spinal issues.  ~ 60 or 90 min