What are the Akashic Records? 

The Hall of Akashic Records is a metaphorical library which holds all the memories of our souls in an etheric place since the dawn of creation. The soul record within the Hall of Akashic Records is like a book or a database that contains information about the person in this lifetime, in all previous lifetimes, and even future lifetimes. All the events, words and thoughts that have even occurred in the history and future of your life, as a soul, will be recorded in the Akashic Records.
So you can imagine, being able to access the Akashic Record allows you to provide some important information about a soul’s past, present and future, in order for you to discover your Soul Contract. “The interpretation then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness.” Edgar Cayce Reading 1650-1.
If you are ready to explore your Soul Contract and access profound healing, wisdom, peace and joy? The session is facilitated by Gracy Yap, a licensed Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue, Hay House), certified Book of Life Specialist (Deborah King, Hay House), certified 72 Angels teacher (ASIACT Aura-Soma Academy), author and numerologist.
Clients typically reported experiencing 2 to 3 lifetimes in 1 session. But experiences vary from individual to individual depending on your unique Soul Contract.

What to bring:

  • An open mind and a willingness to share
  • Pen and notebook to journal your experiences
  • A shawl or jacket
  • Wear warm comfortable clothes
  • Water to hydrate
  • Your favorite crystals to hold during the guided meditation

90 min Akashic Healing Session $330

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