What is Visualization?

Sage Visualization derives from yogic breathing techniques, meditation and shamanic journeying.  The word shaman originates from Siberia and is now closely associated with the indigenous healers of North and South America.  However, shaman actually translates as connecting to Wholeness, similarly to the Tao.

Visualization is a guided inward journey designed to find the source of your root mental, and emotional issues.  For example, if you have a fear of heights, or a fear or failing, or have a fear of the unknown, visualization will help you identify the source of your issues and then design a pathway to solve it.  Visualizations can be as intense as you want them to be.  Some clients have more vivid experiences than others.  Sage Visualizations are guided to meet you at your level, and it is an incremental process of bringing you more creativity, energy and awareness.

Why do I want more creativity, energy and awareness? 

The goal of visualization is to restore harmony in your work life, personal life and life mission.  Often times, when we get stuck in a rhythm of go-go-go, we lose perspective of why we do the things we do.  We start living in an automatic and unconscious way.  We see life as lack-lustre and are unmotivated to pursue our true dreams and true passions.  Through highlighting the major areas in our lives that are causing us the greatest worries and doubts: money, health, and relationships, visualization helps you to re-pattern self-sabotaging thought patterns, negative behavior and it makes you into a more conscious and compassionate human being.

90 min guided Visualization $222 

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