Johnson’s Bio Video

As the director of Sagehouse, Johnson is a yoga teacher, pilates teacher, meditation teacher and bodyworker.  He has had a blessed journey in meeting teachers and guides along his path who have illuminated his fullest potential in the ways of self-realization and self-mastery through the various traditions of movement and the healing arts, and was inspired to create Sagehouse for likeminded individuals on a spiritual journey.

He first discovered yoga and the art of movement exploration in Acting Conservatory 13 years ago. Since then, he has studied with yoga masters like Sri Dharma Mittra, David Life, Sharon Gannon and Duncan Wong. He received his initial 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Training from Joschi Yoga Institute in New York, a 500 hour training in Akhanda Yoga, Classical Kundalini and Hatha Raja with Yogirishi Vishvaketu in India. And has completed over a 1000 hours of continuing education with his lifelong teacher and mentor Courtney Bauer of the ANYA method (Applied Neo Yogic Awareness)  in New York.

It was also through the ANYA method that he discovered the Pilates work, for which he is grateful as it deepened his kinesthetic knowledge of human form and function.  In a constant pursuit of learning and immersing in life as a lifelong student, he has also completed the Core Align 1 Training, Gyrotonic Level 1, Advanced Thai Massage Certification (Lotus Palm Thai Massage School), ANYA Bodyworker Certification, Ayurvedic Massage Certification with Dr. Usha Vaisnava, Master Usui Reiki Healer Certification with Shantih Mai and Master Abhed Reiki Healer Certification and Osho Meditations with Swami Amitanand. He has undergone shamanic studies in the Munay-ki lineage under the guidance of Leantara Shah, and studied Shamanic Journeying with the renowned Sandra Ingerman.

With a professional background and training in the theatre, growing with martial arts, theatre & dance in high school,  he has always had a strong affinity towards movement.  And It was not until during his professional acting training that he began to experience mind body somatics from yoga teachers, osteopaths, and other movement specialists that he started to delve deeper into the connection between the body, the mind and its interdependent relationship.

Soon enough, as if the mind and body was not enough to grasp, Johnson intuitively gravitated towards the spiritual, the mystical and the esoteric realm of healing. He intuitively tuned into the infinite vast world of energy and light and encountered more than he ever expected through divine right timing.  For the past decade, he has received healings from Native America Shamans of Mayan and Andean lineages, crystal healers, sound healers, divine healers, angelic healers, cosmic healers, witches, baliyans, priests and priestesses, and has met all types of astrologers, numerologists, acupuncturists, morphologists, psychics, mediums, and the list goes on.

He received third eye and kundalini initiations from two saints who played a catalytic  role in the upgrade of his energetic capacities, Sri Amritanandamayi Ma and Mother Meera, through multiple darshans and blessings over the years.  And through the many divine blessings in his life, he has had the gift of manifesting into reality exactly what he needs from the universe at any given moment.

His experiences have brought him all around the world sharing his love of movement, meditation and healing, all in the name of helping others realize their own path towards Self Mastery and to realize that there are many paths, but only one that will work uniquely for each individual.  And that path must be forged with the intention to embody the most essential principle: Love thyself to heal thyself.  And it is with this message he wishes to empower his students on their journey of becoming the best versions of themselves.