In over 5 years of full-time teaching in the GYROTONIC® method following a decade both on and off the stage, writing, choreographing, performing, and managing for non-profit contemporary dance companies mostly in New York City, Mel has taught thousands of clients from teenagers to adults across a wide variety of conditions and goals.

It’s really the eclectic, coordinated, some would say complicated layering of GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS® movement that spoke to Mel’s expansive personality and background, and deepened her own skills in manifesting, and in facilitating the process of others, a lived, felt, sensory experiencing of one’s human condition. Designed for motion in circles, spirals and waves to match both energetic and anatomical alignments, with artfully-crafted equipment and physiotherapy-informed hands-on cueing to give a wide range of feedback, the GYROTONIC approach allowed Mel to engage not only with athletic, natural movement, but with an ability to hear oneself through motion and to discover the meaning of one’s own gesture.

In this, Mel provides an opportunity for clients to ‘break their mould’, so to speak, if they are used to a linear way of thinking about action and effect, or to find a place to ‘come home to’ if they are, like herself, from mixed backgrounds or find themselves going through multiple transitions and need grounding. With over 550 hours of GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS training, 200 hours vinyasa yoga, 100-odd hours of mat, reformer, and apparatus Pilates, over 300 hours of coursework and practice in manual therapies, and participation in consciousness-based healthcare practices, Mel offers a great deal of knowledge to come into presence with you in order to find a state of dynamic balance.

A GYROTONIC Level 1 Pre-Trainer, she is also authorized to induct new students on their path to becoming certified trainers, and provides somatic education (with goals towards trauma recovery and readiness) in clinical settings through her company, Source Somatics. She has experience in pre- and post-natal exercise, and has worked with clients dealing with a range of conditions such as scoliosis, spinal spondylosis, spinal fusion, joint hypermobility, rotator cuff and shoulder impingements, post-operative, collision-impact trauma, as well as towards the personal expression such as in delivering intensive modules to the dance students at the School of the Arts Singapore.

She is grateful to have studied under a multitude of powerful GYROTONIC Master Trainers including Nonie Yung, Erika Hassan, Adrianna Thomson, Debra Rose, Jackson Kellogg, Billy Macagnone and three times under GYROTONIC method founder Juliu Horvath. She has also studied twice with Tom Myers, of Anatomy Trains, with James Earls, author of Born to Walk; with the Insight Prison Yoga Project, and with a host of holistic healing therapists including Ged Sumner, co-founder of the Body Intelligence Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practitioner program, of which she is completing her final year.