Rebecca’s yoga journey started when her mother sought out the practice to address her high-risk pregnancy; Rebecca began practicing in the womb and yoga has been with her ever since.

Decades of practice and 500+ hours of training allow Rebecca to teach with thoughtful sequencing and good humor.  She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Meditation & Mindfulness to people of all levels and life-walks.  Her classes are fun and challenging, and combine a technical understanding of yoga with plain language, humor and compassion.

Rebecca firmly believes that there is a yoga to fit everyone.  An intuitive communicator, she connects with each student, hoping to foster in them the desire to explore their own unique practice through breath and movement.

Personal Words from Rebecca:

“Originally from the USA, I recently moved to Singapore from Toronto where I taught yoga, meditation and mindfulness to a wide range of corporate, private and studio clientele.  My classes create a space where people can safely cultivate strength, openness and awareness.  I like to ask my students: “Can you breathe? Can you smile?”.  I strongly feel that a yoga practice should balance between effort and ease, while maintaining a beginner’s mind at all times.

My own journey has shown me how yoga cultivates compassion and resilience both on and off the mat.  I love this practice because it helps us to distill what’s important from the distractions of daily life – all just by reminding us to breathe.”