Private Meditation Classes

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We offer solo (one-on-one) or duet (one-on-two) sessions in the mindful exploration of meditation.  Whether you are looking for mental and emotional clarity, or bogged down with stress from your working or personal life.  We focus in delivering palpable experiences that will create a real and lasting change in you from the inside out.  Contact us here to schedule a FREE 45 min consultation so that we can create a custom-made holistic experience to suit your needs.

Highlights of a Private Meditation Class:

  • Eliminate mental emotional triggers for stress.
  • Eliminate Fears and Anxiety.
  • Eliminate Insomnia.
  • Reverse Neurodegeneration.
  • Improve the elasticity of the brain.
  • Improve ability to cope with change
  • Improve Relationship with Self and Others.
  • Improve Focus and Concentration.
  • Improve Decision Making Skills.

What is Sage Meditation?

When you hear of the word meditation, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  A monk? A celibate hermit?  Renouncing worldly possessions?  Seclusion?

The common misconception of meditation is that it is an experience the disconnects you from the humdrum of our busy lives.  It comes from the archetypal image of a monk retreating into a monastery and renouncing himself of all his world connections.  Though monks practice religious meditation for the purpose of enlightenment and serving humanity, the modern person is really looking to borrow some of these whole-istic practices to alleviate stress and live happier healthier lives.

The practices of meditation have been predominantly associated with the Eastern Buddhist and Hindu cultures, but has also been practiced in native shamanic cultures across Mongolia and the indigenous tribes of the Americas.

Meditation is not an act; it is a state of being.  It is a state of compassion, joy and pure love.  When we practice meditation, we use breathing techniques, imagination and visualization to try to arrive at this state.  Sage meditation is an integration of yogic, Buddhist and shamanic inspiration that can either take you through an array of experiences ranging from calm to creative.

Meditation can be sitting still and focusing on mindful breathing; but it also be a very visual journey into the past or the future to reflect.  It can be used as a change catalyst to literally change the way you perceive the world.

What happens in a Private Meditation Class?

A Private Sage Meditation Experience typically starts with an intention or theme.  That theme can be found from a deck of inspirational cards, or decided by the facilitator and student together.  Then, unlike traditional meditation that go straight to sitting, we then guide the student into movement and breathing for 20-30 minutes to release mental and physical tension.  Then the student is brought to stillness, either in an upright seated position or a laying down position on their back for a guided visualization.  The visualization can be done in conjunction with the Ajna Light to stimulate brainwave frequencies for a more vivid experience, or it can be done in the dark if we are reflecting on issues of the past or the subconscious and unconscious mind.  Meditative music designed to help facilitate the deepening of the experience will be playing in the background.

Are you breathing enough?  Are you breathing deeply?

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Are you feeling like stress is getting to you? Do you feel you need a new way of releasing your mental and emotional frustrations?

Come visit our weekly AJNA LIGHT THERAPY or book a private meditation class to give you the tools to make a lasting difference from the inside out.

3 Private Meditation Class Starter

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3 Duet Meditation Class Starter – 2 pax per class

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