In our rushed urban way of living, we are constantly creating causing stress to our nervous system through our busy bodied split focus.  Our nervous systems actually desire stillness, focus and concentration versus multi-tasking and becoming fragmented.  A Harvard neuroscientist research report has shown significant advances in changes in brain volume from studies on non-meditators who embarked on an 8 week meditation program.  The areas of the brain involved with mind wandering, self relevance, learning, cognition, memory and emotional regulation strengthened.  The TPJ of the brain “which is associated with perspective taking, empathy and compassion” also increased in volume while the fight/flight part of the brain became smaller (Harvard Medical – Sarah Lazar).

As we become more conscious and more fit, it is important to remember that mental exercise through mindfulness based practices such as yoga, pilates, need to be complimented through meditative practices.  Even if we are the most physically adept person in sports and athletics, but we harbor anxiety, fear and stress daily, it will in turn affect our emotional stability, focus/concentration and in the end – our physical performance.  Chronic stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, depression, digestive issues, hormonal issues, muscular problems, and a whole plethora of other diseases that come with modern living.

At Sagehouse, we strive to make meditation a practical and enjoyable tool you can incorporate into your life so that you can feel at your best.  You are the master of your mind and emotions, not the other way around.

Ajna Light Therapy

The light uses powerful dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to help induce altered states of consciousness which is known to be quick and effective, making the Ajna Light a breakthrough tool for meditation.

The development of the light is based off of therapeutic applications within the biofeedback field on the clinical observations of the brain’s electrical activity or state change following a responsive frequency resonances of light & sound stimulus.

The emitted frequencies from the light can induce a hypnogogia trance (the border between wakefulness and sleep). Once the session is over, the user can quickly come back into normal state, usually (beta, or alpha). With enough sessions under the light, individuals now have reference experience to help them recall states on their own using just their intentions.

In our western society because of our busy lifestyle our brain’s impulses or frequencies are repetitively set to a habitual pattern of the”beta” state which is logic oriented, associated with high thought processing, and fight or flight sympathetic nervous system response. Mode’s of thinking or habitual neural pathways are known to be hard to break when constant repetition has been set which is why meditation is so important.

The Ajna Light is a great vehicle to reduce stress, increase your creativity and bring you into a deeper state of consciousness.