Description of The Pilates Equipment

The Pilates Reformer 

is the most popular of all the Pilates equipment and it also contains the most expansive repertoire of exercises.  From laying down, to kneeling, planking, lunging, back bending, forward bending, side bending, sitting, crawling, balancing and standing, you can work the entire body thoroughly from head to toe.  The carriage (or bed), is supported by different levels of resistance springs (light, medium & heavy), to aid the strengthening and lengthening of the muscles.  Due to the adaptability of the machine, all of the exercises performed on the reformer are customizable to suit everyone’s fitness level.  The reformer will give you a completely new level of awareness of how to properly engage the core to increase your strength, flexibility and overall poise every way possible.

The Pilates Cadillac

is named after the convertible car that has multiple functions.  This machine is stationary and does not have a sliding carriage.  Instead, it features resistance springs (light, medium, heavy) that originate from overhead unlike the pilates reformer.  This makes for a safe and secure beginning for those with bulging discs, lumbar herniation, lower back issues.  Regardless of injuries or not, in a private pilates class, we often start on the pilates Cadillac to isolate the basic techniques like neutral pelvis, engaging the transverse abdominal muscles, proper ribcage breathing, etc.  There is also a push-through bar that facilitates stretching, fuzzy loops for ballet stretches, and a trapeze for pull-ups and other fun acrobatic inversions.  The Cadillac offers a different repertoire of exercises that challenge us on the vertical and horizontal planes with the difficulty levels ranging from easy to challenging.

The Pilates Chair

looks harmless enough, but can also be one of the most challenging pieces of equipment to practice on.  The main focus of this machine is to work on vertical planed exercises for overall strength conditioning.  The leg work that we execute on this machine directly translate to efficiently walking up a flight of stairs or hiking up a mountain.  With many more different combinations of resistance springs loaded underneath the foot pedal of the machine, you can really expect to get a full workout for the legs, inner thighs and gluteal muscles.  For the lower half of the body, there are also rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the foot, ankle, knee and hip while sitting.  In addition to the lower body, we can also explore a range of upper body strength through triceps dips, pike press ups and other exciting gravity defying movements.

The Pilates Ladder Barrel

was created with the strength and mobility of the spine in mind.  It contains different ladder rungs adjacent to an arched barrel for safe stretching and strengthening of the spine.  Often times the muscles of the spine are not strong enough to support an extension, the muscles of the front (chest, ribs, diaphragm and abdomen) are too tight, or both.  The ladder barrel enables the safe exploration of unique spinal stretches, spinal strengthening, side bending, and other core stability exercises.